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Feiertage und Feste in der ganzen Welt

Orthodoxe : religiöse Feiertage

Orthodoxe : Kalender der religiösen Feiertagen und Festen in der ganzen Welt für die drei nächsten Monate

Name Datum Art
Orthodoxen Karsamstag**Mittwoch 1. Mai, 2019Orthodoxe 
Orthodoxes Osterfest**Donnerstag 2. Mai, 2019Orthodoxe 
wahlweise freigestellter Feiertag*Donnerstag 2. Mai, 2019Orthodoxe 
Ostermontag des orthodoxen Osterfestes*Freitag 3. Mai, 2019Orthodoxe 
Orthodoxes OsterfestFreitag 3. Mai, 2019Orthodoxe 
OsterdienstagSamstag 4. Mai, 2019Orthodoxe 
Totensonntag*Freitag 10. Mai, 2019Orthodoxe 
Allerheiligen**Samstag 11. Mai, 2019Orthodoxe 
St Cyril & Saint Method*Freitag 24. Mai, 2019Orthodoxe 
PfingstmontagFreitag 21. Juni, 2019Orthodoxe 
St Cyril & Saint Method*Freitag 5. Juli, 2019Orthodoxe 
Dormition der Jungfrau*Donnerstag 15. August, 2019Orthodoxe 
Religiöses Fest (dies ist nicht ein nationaler Feiertag)**Mittwoch 28. August, 2019Orthodoxe 

Orthodoxen Karsamstag -
Samstag 1 Mai, 2021

Orthodoxe : Not a paid holiday

Orthodoxes Osterfest -
Sonntag 2 Mai, 2021

Orthodoxe : Wird nur von Orthodoxen gefeiert Paid holiday

Wahlweise freigestellter Feiertag -
Sonntag 2 Mai, 2021

Orthodoxe : Orthodox Easter

Ostermontag des orthodoxen Osterfestes -
Montag 3 Mai, 2021

Orthodoxe : Das rote Osterei ist das Wahrzeichen von Ostern (oder Paste). Jeweils ein Ei vor dem Ostermittagessen. Jeder, der das letzte unzerbrochene Ei hat, soll ein Jahr nur Glück haben. Der traditonelle orthodoxe Ostergruß lautet: Christ is Risen! (Christus ist auferstanden). Die Antwort lautet: Indeed He is Risen (Ja, er ist auferstanden).

Orthodoxes Osterfest -
Montag 3 Mai, 2021

Orthodoxe :

Osterdienstag -
Dienstag 4 Mai, 2021

Orthodoxe :

Totensonntag -
Montag 10 Mai, 2021

Orthodoxe : Feierte am Sonntag in einigen Städten.

Allerheiligen -
Dienstag 11 Mai, 2021

Orthodoxe : The day now honors all saints of the church, even those not known by name. The first All Saints' Day occurred on May 13, 609 (C.E.) when Pope Boniface IV accepted the Pantheon as a gift from the Emperor Phocas. Boniface dedicated it as the Church of Santa Maria Rotonda in honor of the Blessed Virgin and all martyrs. During Pope Gregory III's reign (731-741), the festival was expanded to include all saints and a chapel in St. Peter's church was dedicated accordingly. Pope Gregory IV officially designated the day in 837. banks remain open

St Cyril & Saint Method -
Montag 24 Mai, 2021

Orthodoxe : Commemorates the creation of the Slavic Glagolitic and Cyrillic alphabets by the brothers Saints Cyril and Methodius. The celebration also commemorates the introduction of literacy and the preaching of the gospels in the Slavonic language by the brothers.

Pfingstmontag -
Montag 21 Juni, 2021

Orthodoxe :

St Cyril & Saint Method -
Montag 5 Juli, 2021

Orthodoxe : Cyril and Methodius were two brothers born in Thessaloniki in the Byzantine Empire in the 9th century, who became missionaries of Christianity in Khazaria and Great Moravia. They both perfected a Slavonic alphabet which is now known as the Cyrillic alphabet and translated the liturgy into this language. Wikipedia

Dormition der Jungfrau -
Sonntag 15 August, 2021

Orthodoxe : Adormirea Maicii Domnului refers to the feast commemorating what is believed to be the miraculous transport of Mary, in bodily form, to Heaven after her death. Some accounts claim that she died in Jerusalem; others put her death at the Graeco-Roman city of Ephesus, now in Turkey, and the site of an alleged House of the Virgin Mary . seit 2008

Religiöses Fest (dies ist nicht ein nationaler Feiertag) -
Samstag 28 August, 2021

Orthodoxe : Golema Bogorodica (Dormition of the Holy Mother of God) only observed by the Orthodox community