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Feiertage und Feste in der ganzen Welt

Malta - Feiertage in der Welt - 1970-2070


Ganzen Kalender Feiertage der Welt (und Banken Schließtage), 1970 bis 2070 for Malta

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Wochenende: Samstag & Sonntag

Englisch (350 Mio. Sprecher in 47 Ländern), Maltesisch (0,35 Mio. Sprecher) ...
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Nahme Datum Art Mehr
Feiertag des Heiligen Joseph*Samstag 19. März, 2016Katholisch 
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Sommer/Winterzeit*Freitag 25. März, 2016Besondere Ereignisse 
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Osterferien (Anfang)Montag 28. März, 2016Schulferien (bitte zweimal prüfen) 
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Karfreitag*Mittwoch 30. März, 2016Katholisch oder protestantisch 
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Tag der Freiheit (Jum il-Helsien)**Donnerstag 31. März, 2016Weltliche Feiertage 
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Ostersonntag**Freitag 1. April, 2016Katholisch oder protestantisch 
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BankschließtagSamstag 2. April, 2016nur Banken 
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Osterferien (Ende)Dienstag 5. April, 2016Schulferien (bitte zweimal prüfen) 
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Tag der Arbeit*Sonntag 1. Mai, 2016Weltliche Feiertage 
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Muttertag*Freitag 13. Mai, 2016Karten/Blumen 
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Royal weddingMittwoch 18. Mai, 2016Besondere Ereignisse 
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Gedenktag an die Volkserhebung vom 7. Juni 1919*Dienstag 7. Juni, 2016Weltliche Feiertage 
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Ende des Ramadan (kann um einen Tag schwanken)**Mittwoch 15. Juni, 2016Karten/Blumen 
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VatertagFreitag 17. Juni, 2016Karten/Blumen 
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Sommerferien (Anfang)Dienstag 28. Juni, 2016Schulferien (bitte zweimal prüfen) 
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Internationale Messe Malta*Mittwoch 29. Juni, 2016Messen 
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Peter und Paul*Mittwoch 29. Juni, 2016Katholisch 
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Maria Himmelfahrt*Montag 15. August, 2016Katholisch 
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La Nativité de Notre Dame- Sieg im 2. Weltkrieg*Donnerstag 8. September, 2016Weltliche Feiertage 
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Sommerferien (Ende)Samstag 17. September, 2016Schulferien (bitte zweimal prüfen) 
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Unabhängigkeitstag*Mittwoch 21. September, 2016Nationalfeiertag 
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Luftfahrtshow Malta*Donnerstag 22. September, 2016Messen 
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Feiertag des Heiligen Joseph -
Dienstag 19 März, 2019

Katholisch : Known as Jum San Ġużepp, husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary. He is the foster-father of Jesus Christ. It has the rank of a solemnity in the Roman Catholic Church. [Wikipedia]

Sommer/Winterzeit -
Sonntag 25 März, 2018

Besondere Ereignisse : Um 1 Uhr lokale Zeit Daylight Saving time (DST)

Osterferien (Anfang) -
Mittwoch 28 März, 2018

Schulferien :

Karfreitag -
Freitag 30 März, 2018

Katholisch oder protestantisch : The First Council of Nicaea (a gathering of bishops in the early days of Christianity) wanted to find a day to commemorate the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ. This commemoration had to be linked to Jewish holiday traditions, since the last supper of Christ was believed to be a Jewish Passover meal. But the Jewish calendar is based on lunar and solar cycles, so the Easter celebration had to follow the same calendar.

Tag der Freiheit (Jum il-Helsien) -
Sonntag 31 März, 2019

Weltliche Feiertage : Malta verkündete die Unabhängigkeit von den Briten im September 1964. Malta wurde zur Republik in 1974. Tag am dem die fremden Streitkräfte die Insel verliessen

Ostersonntag -
Sonntag 1 April, 2018

Katholisch oder protestantisch : Not a paid holiday

Bankschließtag -
Montag 2 April, 2018

nur Banken :

Osterferien (Ende) -
Donnerstag 5 April, 2018

Schulferien :

Tag der Arbeit -
Mittwoch 1 Mai, 2019

Weltliche Feiertage : Jum ill-Haddiem

Muttertag -
Sonntag 13 Mai, 2018

Karten/Blumen : Mother’s day has evolved in many countries in different ways. This is because mother’s day has different origins in different countries and therefore occurs on different days in the year. One school of thought claims that this day emerged from the custom of mother worship in ancient Greece. Mother worship which kept a festival to Cybele, a great mother of gods, and Rhea, the wife of Cronus, was held on March 15 to March 18 around Asia Minor. They insist that this custom spread around the world. Mothering Sunday is the celebration of motherhood in the United Kingdom. It is also known as Mid-lent Sunday, Rose Sunday and Laetare Sunday. It originally comes from the Victorian practice of allowing servants to return home to visit their mothers on this day. In the United States, Julia Ward Howe (May 27, 1819 - October 17, 1910) was a prominent American abolitionist, social activist, and poet. Howe’s Battle Hymn of the Republic was first published in the Atlantic Monthly in 1862 and quickly became one of the most popular songs for the Union during the American Civil War. After the war she focused her activities on the causes of Pacifism and women’s suffrage. In 1870 she was the first to proclaim Mother’s Day, with her Mother’s Day Proclamation. U.S. President Woodrow Wilson approved Mother’s Day in 1914

Royal wedding -
Freitag 18 Mai, 2018

Besondere Ereignisse :

Gedenktag an die Volkserhebung vom 7. Juni 1919 -
Freitag 7 Juni, 2019

Weltliche Feiertage : Commemorates events which occured in 1919, when after British authorities raised the price of bread, riots ensued. During the riots, British troops fired into the crowds, killing four: Ġużeppi Bajjada, Manwel Attard, Wenzu Dyer and Karmenu Abela. They are today remembered by a monument to their honour in the square outside the Presidential Palace in Valletta. Also on the same day, the National Assembly was formed, and self-government was demanded Wikipedia

Ende des Ramadan (kann um einen Tag schwanken) -
Freitag 15 Juni, 2018

Karten/Blumen : The month of Ramadan is that in which was revealed the Quran; a guidance for mankind, and clear proofs of the guidance, and the criterion (of right and wrong). And whosoever of you is present, let him fast the month, and whosoever of you is sick or on a journey, a number of other days. Allah desires for you ease; He desires not hardship for you; and that you should complete the period, and that you should magnify Allah for having guided you, and that perhaps you may be thankful NOT a public holiday [Wikipedia]

Vatertag -
Sonntag 17 Juni, 2018

Karten/Blumen :

Sommerferien (Anfang) -
Donnerstag 28 Juni, 2018

Schulferien :

Internationale Messe Malta -
Freitag 29 Juni, 2018

Messen : Lasts 2 weeks - in La Valette We carry the 2018 confirmed calendar
Contact to get the calendar for this event or one file containing confirmed calendars of most international WW tradeshows.

Peter und Paul -
Freitag 29 Juni, 2018

Katholisch : Or Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul is a liturgical feast in honour of the martyrdom in Rome of the apostles Saint Peter and Saint Paul. The celebration is of ancient origin, the date selected being the anniversary either of their death or of the translation of their relics.

Maria Himmelfahrt -
Mittwoch 15 August, 2018

Katholisch : Dogma definiert durch die katholische Kirche am 1. November 1950: Papst Pius XII gesagt, dass am Ende seines Lebens, den Körper und die Seele Mariens in den Himmel angenommen worden.

La Nativité de Notre Dame- Sieg im 2. Weltkrieg -
Samstag 8 September, 2018

Weltliche Feiertage : Der 8. September erinnert an die wichtigen historischen Ereignisse der Geschichte der maltesischen Inseln.

Sommerferien (Ende) -
Montag 17 September, 2018

Schulferien :

Unabhängigkeitstag -
Freitag 21 September, 2018

Weltliche Feiertage : Von dem Vereinigten Königreich in 1964 gewährt

Luftfahrtshow Malta -
Samstag 22 September, 2018

Messen : Lasts two days updated September 23