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Feiertage und Feste in der ganzen Welt

St Maarten (Holländisch) - Feiertage in der Welt - 1970-2070

ganzen Kalender Feiertage der Welt (und Banken Schließtage), 1970 bis 2070 for St Maarten (Holländisch)

ISO code: SX - Internet domain: .sx - Telephone code: 1 721 - International dialing code: 00
Wochenende: Samstag & Sonntag

Nahme Datum Art Mehr
Tag der Arbeit*Freitag 1. Mai, 2015Weltliche Feiertage 
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Karneval*Samstag 2. Mai, 2015Weltliche Feiertage 
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Muttertag*Donnerstag 14. Mai, 2015Karten/Blumen 
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Christi Himmelfahrt*Montag 25. Mai, 2015Katholisch oder protestantisch 
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PfingstenDonnerstag 4. Juni, 2015Besondere Ereignisse, Feste... 
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Tag der Arbeit -
Montag 1 Mai, 2017

Weltliche Feiertage : Chicago, Saturday May 1st, 1886: 350,000 workers go on strike to call for an 8-hour working day. Industries are paralyzed nationwide. On Monday, as demonstrations go on, the police open fire. On Tuesday, Chicago is again on strike. Following a bomb launched against them, the police shoot again. 12 dead, of which 7 policemen. 8 anarchists will be condemned and executed. In 1889, the Socialist International Movement met in Paris and declared this day international workers' day . The Soviets will follow suit, just as the Nazis. In France, under the Vichy regime (1940-1944), the celebration is renamed Labour Day .

Karneval -
Dienstag 2 Mai, 2017

Weltliche Feiertage : J'ouvert is a contraction of the French jour ouvert, or dawn/day break. Street party, music and dancing

Muttertag -
Sonntag 14 Mai, 2017

Karten/Blumen : Mother’s day has evolved in many countries in different ways. This is because mother’s day has different origins in different countries and therefore occurs on different days in the year. One school of thought claims that this day emerged from the custom of mother worship in ancient Greece. Mother worship which kept a festival to Cybele, a great mother of gods, and Rhea, the wife of Cronus, was held on March 15 to March 18 around Asia Minor. They insist that this custom spread around the world. Mothering Sunday is the celebration of motherhood in the United Kingdom. It is also known as Mid-lent Sunday, Rose Sunday and Laetare Sunday. It originally comes from the Victorian practice of allowing servants to return home to visit their mothers on this day. In the United States, Julia Ward Howe (May 27, 1819 - October 17, 1910) was a prominent American abolitionist, social activist, and poet. Howe’s Battle Hymn of the Republic was first published in the Atlantic Monthly in 1862 and quickly became one of the most popular songs for the Union during the American Civil War. After the war she focused her activities on the causes of Pacifism and women’s suffrage. In 1870 she was the first to proclaim Mother’s Day, with her Mother’s Day Proclamation. U.S. President Woodrow Wilson approved Mother’s Day in 1914

Christi Himmelfahrt -
Donnerstag 25 Mai, 2017

Katholisch oder protestantisch : Christi Himmelfahrt wird immer an einem Donnerstag 40 Tage nach Ostern gefeiert. Jesus ist auferstanden, nachdem er ihnen mehrere Male erschienen ist. Er versammelt seine Jünger und ordnet ihnen an, Menschen zu taufen und im christlichen Glauben zu leben.

Pfingsten -
Sonntag 4 Juni, 2017

Kultur :